Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Members of the public are welcome at meetings of the Parish Council and may put questions to the Council during the first twenty minutes of a meeting, the Public Participatory Period. (3 minutes maximum per speaker.)

If parishioners require an item to be put on the agenda, they must notify the Parish Clerk 14 days before a meeting. Legally only if an item is on the agenda may a decision be taken on it at that meeting.

Date Comments Agenda Minutes
7th July 2020Virtual Meeting  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
16th January 2020  AgendaMinutes
21st November 2019  AgendaMinutes
19th September 2019  AgendaMinutes
12th September 2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
20th June 2019  AgendaMinutes
15th May 2019Annual Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
14th March 2019  AgendaMinutes
17th January 2019  AgendaMinutes